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"Get the same mattress for a lot less money"

"Do yourself a favor... go to the other major mattress stores and see their prices and selection. Then come to Riley and get the same mattress for a lot less money. They have a great selection too. Be aware that some of their mattresses have no manufacturer warranty. I think that's totally worth it to pay half what you would have paid to buy the same mattress at Macy's." 

JON C.  

"My entire family thanks you all!"

"A week ago, my family was in the middle of a crisis situation and it was very important that I purchase a new bed for Dad and have it delivered the same day. I walked into the Lynnwood store because Savvy had the best on-line reviews and product offerings. I arrived at Savvy tired, stressed, and freaked out by the entire situation. I literally broke down when Shona had to tell me that she would probably not be able to have the bed delivered that day. She held my hand while I shared details of our family crisis and then went to work on moving mountains. She made several phone calls to her counterparts in other Savvy stores to find the right pieces and then to the delivery men to make the delivery arrangements. Within about 20 minutes, Shona made it all come together and I was out the door feeling supported and cared for, and not alone. This was superior customer service with a large dose of compassion. I recognize great customer service when I see it...I work for Nordstrom! And so, I want to express my great appreciation to Shona, a true gem, to the other stores that answered her calls for help even though they did not know the whole story, and to the delivery men who worked it into their schedule that day. Your team worked like a very well-oiled machine. My entire family thanks you all!" 


"Will come back here for my future mattresses"

"This is my first time going to a mattress outlet and wasn't sure if I would be happy. After researching on yelp I wanted to try this place out. I'm very pleased with my purchase and will come back here for my future mattresses. Great customer service, fair pricing, and quick delivery!" 


"Go here if you need a mattress"

"We arrived at Savvy Mattress exhausted and crossing all our toes and fingers for a reasonably priced mattress that was just like our old one (sans mold). We previously had a Queen-sized Simmons Beautyrest Original Firm Mattress and Russ grabbed basically the exact same thing (a Queen-sized Simmons Beautyrest Original Firm in a different year's brand name) and he'd just discounted the price to $399. The only reason for its discount was an inconsequential black scuff. I love that black scuff! As if that weren't enough, he comped the price of the haul-away fee (usually $20) so we wouldn't have to see our moldy mattress ever again. AND THEN: they delivered our mattress to Capitol Hill within two hours of the purchase. Amazing. Go here if you need a mattress. There's no reason to pay Macy's prices when such an awesome business exists." 

MEG R.  

"Love our mattress"

"Love our mattress, we've had it for 6 months now, and it is the single best investment we've made in probably 5 years or more. We saved over $8000 off the top-of-the-line Macy's mattress and hate travelling because we always miss our mattress so very much! Sales process was great, no pressure, and the delivery guys were awesome even though I totally derped out and forgot to give them money for a tip, they carried it upstairs into our bedroom and set it up for us."